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My aunt who has 6 children and my cousin who has two of her own both said and with complete seriousness: “who gives a shit about those immigrant children. We have problems of our own and we cant be taking care of someone else’s children.”

These “mothers” didnt think twice about a helpless child, alone, hungry and god knows what else simply because they’re “illegal immigrants” as though they were stray animals or something. Yet when asked how’d they feel if their children had to leave them due to economic or dangerous/life threatening reasons they simple shrugged and said “but that’s not gonna happen to me”. 

It doesnt matter if its “not happening to you” or “its not my problem” these are still children, human fucking beings, and the only thing people can seem to do is think about their own shitty selves and yell at these children and harass them when in the end of it all: they had no choice. They were hungry and running for their lives and their only hope was America. The mother fucking home of free. America that took in millions of immigrants from 1820 to 1870. This fucking country was fucking built on god damn immigrants but people just seem to over fucking look that fact and yell at helpless children and do everything in their power to send them back. 


Fucking children.

You know what i find fucked up? The fact that “equal opportunity and freedom for all” only applies to people born in America as though it’s some god damn fucking aristocracy, that the chance to better your life can only be given to a chosen few. And the fact that everyone in America feels threatened by people whom are working their asses off to better their future and the future of their families. Saying shit like “they’re taking all the jobs and opportunities meant for people BORN here.”. Wow, ok so since you think you’re better than actually working for jobs and working your way up like normal fucking people than maybe you don’t really deserve those opportunities. If you cant fight and actually work for success maybe you dont fucking want it as much as illegal immigrants do. They’re not doing this to spite your lazy ass, they’re doing shit jobs because that’s all they can get and if that’s what they need to do to put food on the table and pay the bills god dammit theyll do it. Not to mention in an unknown place, with hardly any knowledge of the language, and probably trying to support not only their family here but their family in another country.

As a legal, American citizen you have the chance to get a shitty job with shitty pay and actually DO something about that shitty pay and shitty job. You can complain about the low pay, you can actually DO something about it. Illegal immigrants cant. Because they’re illegal. So before you go around saying they’re taking all the “jobs and opportunities” out there, don’t turn your nose up at jobs just because they dont fit YOUR standards. Dont complain about shit that is pretty much GIVEN to you. Don’t complain about someone else being the fucking problem when it’s YOU. 

Raises hand in agreement

Raises hand in agreement

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